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Spektrum DSM System For Futaba HRS Mode 2NS

Артикул: SPM-SPM1015
Производитель: Spektrum
нет в наличии
7 000,00 Р
DSM Module System: FUT 3PK, HRS Only
Futaba 3PK owners interested in the fastest possible processing speed are sure to be blown away by Spektrum’s latest engineering breakthrough.

A new, dedicated module and receiver have been developed specifically for use with the Futaba 3PK when HRS modulation is selected. The Spektrum latency has been reduced to just 2ms.

This system is designed for use with digital servos only. The module and receiver are designated “Futaba HRS Version” and are for use with the HRS system only.

Key Features

  • System compatible with Futaba 3PK radio (use in HRS mode)
  • Drops total system latency from 15ms to just 6ms
  • Includes 2-channel SR3000HRS receiver
  • Specifically designed for use with digital servos
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