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Система БК 1/10 - Crawler Brushless System 18.5

Артикул: NV-3018
Производитель: NOVAK
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Crawling...This Ain't for Babies!

The Novak Crawler Brushless System is the first brushless system designed specifically for Crawlers and R/C car applications that require precise movement control, and for vehicles that require super low speeds. A special reversing feature has been included for drivers using gear reduction units in shaft-driven trucks. The system includes a Super Sport Crawler ESC factory-wired to a Crawler Brushless Motor.

The speed control features two driving profiles with exclusive software for high precision applications that enables the driver to have complete control over the vehicle. The default driving profile includes forward, reverse, and braking operations. The second driving profile is unique to the Super Sport Crawler ESC. In this profile, the direction of the brushless motor is electronically reversed. This feature is vital for those who have trucks that have separate transmissions for the front and rear axles of the vehicle, such as Tamiya’s® Clod Buster™, where it is necessary for one motor to run in forward, and one motor to run in reverse. Other ESC features include a heavy-duty BEC, a small dead-band for more precise control, and expanded drag brake values.

Using sensor-based technology, the 18.5-turn Crawler Motor provides awesome starting torque, low-speed driveability, and low cogging for smooth acceleration and smooth coasting. The Crawler Motor features a high-strength rotor, and a larger, more rugged front bearing for extra durability and extended life (same bearing used in Novak’s Velociti-series motors). It also sports ribbed aluminum end bells, and the same popular solder tab system that is used in Novak’s Velociti-series motors. The lower-resistance connectors allow for more flexible soldering options, and are extremely efficient and easy to use. The connectors provide the lowest possible voltage drop, and allow for easy and convenient power wire replacement.

Along with the Crawler ESC, the Crawler motor is also compatible with the Novak GTB ESC(#1710) and the Novak Super Sport Plus ESC (#1705) for non-crawling applications. The Crawler motor with any of these ESCs are an ideal setup for beginning drivers that are looking for slower speed and longer run times.

The Crawler Brushless System (#3018) includes one sensor-based, 18.5-turn Crawler Brushless Motor factory-wired to a Crawler ESC. The Crawler motor is also available individually (#3418).

Specifically designed for R/C vehicles that require precise movement control
Sensor-based technology for excellent low-speed driveability
High-strength rotor for incredible performance
Aluminum ribbed end bells for additional cooling
Direct-Solder Wiring Tabs for flexible soldering options
Ideal for vehicles that have separate transmissions like the Tamiya® Clod Buster™
Minimal Maintenance
Thermal Overload Protection
Low cogging
Number of Turns: 18.5
Design: Sensor-based
Input Voltage: 4-6 cells (1.2V/cell)
Watts: 119
KV (unloaded) 2,700 RPM/Volt
Motor Size: 2.08”L x 1.41”D (52.8 x 35.8mm)
Shaft Diameter: 0.125”; 3.2 mm; (accepts all existing pinion gears)
Motor Weight: 6.73 oz. (191 grams)
Oversized Front Bearing (3/8” x 1/2”) for extra durability and extended life (also used in
Velociti-series motors)
Magnet: One-piece, multi-pole cylindrical high-strength neodymium
2 Driving Profiles: Profile 1: Normal motor rotation; Profile 2: Reverse motor rotation
Expanded drag brake values for improved holding power during maneuvering
Small Dead Band (3%) for finer throttle control
Fits in popular 1/10 scale electric R/C cars
Variable Throttle Step
One-Touch Set-Up
Transmitter Check Mode
Locked Rotor Detection Circuitry
Direct-solder wiring tabs for flexible soldering options
User-replaceable input harness
Thermal Overload Protection
Input Voltage: 4-6 cells (1.2 VDC/cell); Forward/Braking/Reverse
Footprint: 1.32” x 1.75” (33.5 x 44.5mm)
Weight: 1.7 oz.; 48.2g (without power wires)
Throttle Programs: 2
Status LEDs: 4
BEC: Heavy-duty 6.0 volt/3.0 amp
On-Resistance: 0.0019 ohms (per each phase-3)
Rated Current: 160 amps (forward/reverse); 160 amps (brake)
Discrete Steps: 1024 (512 forward, 512 brake/reverse)
Motor/Battery Wire: 14-Gauge Silicone
Product features and specifications subject to change.
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